Knit Haiku Project

1. every blue knit stitch / brings closer spring and sunshine / warms heart and fingers

2. something about you / reminds me of worn aran / sweaters in rough wool

3. knit purl knit purl knit / the slow rhythm of ribbing / keeping me awake

4. i tell stories in / stitch after stitch and all these / memory patterns

5. i know the knits i / knit for my children won’t last / they’re small and perfect

6. two sticks and two hands / a simple ball of string make / almost miracles

7. each stitch I knit has / thousands of ancestors a rich / tactile history

8. the way light catches / yellow fibres makes patterns / blur into brightness

9. perhaps today would / be better if i just had / a moment to knit

10. the knitters’ voices / hush but needles continue / speaking in soft clicks

11. she forgets faces / names places but her hands can / knit and purl and rib

12. waiting for some news / I concentrate on knitting / stitches lull to sleep